UnitingWomen 2020 – Thursday, July 9th to Sunday, July 12th

UnitingWomen 2020 will be held at Club Tropical Resort in Lee Point, Darwin. The entire program will be held at the resort, and all delegates are encouraged to stay on site if possible, to maximise the community experience.

The conference theme, Weaving Our Stories Together, captures the image of God’s hand lovingly weaving God’s mercy and grace through women’s diverse spiritualities, stories, and lives to form a wondrous, colourful community of love in Christ Jesus.

UnitingWomen 2020 is:

  1. A Uniting Church Women’s Conference

As the fourth in a series of gatherings, standing on the shoulders of work done in the 80s and 90s that changed the shape of the Uniting Church, UnitingWomen 2020 recognises and honours the vision of the women of the past.

2 An Indigenous Women’s Conference

UnitingWomen 2020 will be a gathering which visibly and meaningfully reflects Indigenous Women’s spirituality throughout the program, centering First Peoples’ experiences, perspectives, theology and creativity throughout the program.

3 A Multicultural Women’s Conference

The conference will be a multicultural gathering, reflecting the cultural diversity of the Uniting Church in Australia.

4 A Next Generation Women’s Conference

UnitingWomen 2020 will be a conference where young women actively participate and lead across all aspects of the conference, and are encouraged to take their rightful place as the church of the present of the future.


We are pulling together a range of workshops highlighting the skills, experiences and knowledge of women in the Northern Synod. Workshops may include: pandanus and string weaving , candle making, yarn bombing, song writers workshop, raypirri workshops, pop up choir, high school poster making, working for justice, vegans in the Uniting Church, being church at 15, faith conversations, bible study and worship.There are also beautiful bushwalks and beach walks and a half day tour of a special Darwin site included in the program.


The Marketplace is where you will have the chance to learn about the work we are doing in the world through our hardworking agencies. It will also give you the chance to squeeze in some shopping! Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and crafts will be for sale alongside yapa skirts, earrings, books, resources and whatever treasures end up in our pop up op shop!