About UnitingWomen

UnitingWomen 2020 is the fourth in a series of biennial gatherings of women from around the Uniting Church in Australia. The first UnitingWomen conference was held in Sydney in 2014, followed by Adelaide in 2016, and Brisbane in 2018. In its current form this gathering of Uniting Church women is a space for connecting like-minded women to share stories of hope, share wisdom and insights, and to give thanks to God for the wonderful work God is doing in women’s lives.

The Uniting Church has a history of affirming and celebrating women and their gifts to the church in its theology and practice. A strong push for more intentionality about women’s participation in the structures of the church in the 80s and 90s inspired three national Uniting Church women’s conferences: The Church Made Whole (Melbourne, 1990), Women Remembering the Future (Adelaide, 1994), and Women Clothed in the Sun (Brisbane, 1996). The Church Made Whole conference raised a significant question about the presence of women in the last supper, which had – and has – deep implications for the place of women in the church within and beyond the boundaries of the Uniting Church in Australia.

UnitingWomen 2020 will provide a platform for women in the Uniting Church to continue to weave together their stories and wisdom in ways that draw them into closer relationship with God and each other, honouring the matriarchs of the Uniting Church who paved the way and celebrating the new generations of women who are stepping forward and exercising their gifts.