Everyone has a story. Stories make you who are you and describe how you became you. By sharing our stories, we can help each other learn and grow. Our unique journey through life and faith, when shared honestly, can be a powerful and transformative influence on those around us.

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Sylvia Joy Carter

. . . I’m so happy inside for the woman of love strength faith and hope I have become. To God be the Glory!
▬ Sylvia Joy Carter

In a wheelchair for months not being able to walk, God found me in a hospital through a chaplain named Sharonne. I would visit the chapel night after night , feeling drawn to a God I wanted to know more about. I could feel God telling me when I did walk , I was to go find a church and be baptised and I wasn’t to question this. A year after many health issues including loosing my left eye and countless spinal operations I found a church by a lake  , Sharonne had mentored me in that year and told me a minister called Sue was at West Lakes who would be good for me!
I was baptised by full immersion in June 2005 and I have never looked back. God has always guided and provided for me and I went from a woman who knew life from the school of hard knocks, having lost both my mum and dad before nine...... To one whom today is a accredited lay preacher , worship leader , volunteer hospital chaplain and I encourage and mentor others through God. I will always be grateful to the many mentors I’ve had along the way and the Adelaide College of Divinity who had faith in me and gave me opportunities to study more about the God I love and adore.
Also the church by the lake who encouraged me to trust and love again. Life hasn’t been easy but through the years I experienced the bad including countless losses and abuse as well as pain and struggles I’m so happy inside for the woman of love strength faith and hope I have become. To God be the Glory!