Thresi Mauboy

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The current Moderator of the Northern Synod, Rev Thresi Mauboy Wohangara is an Indonesian woman who was born and raised in Soe, West Timor.

Thresi received her theological training at Artha Wacana Christian University in Kupang, completing a Bachelor of Theology and a Certificate of Social Analysis. In 1992, Thresi was ordained as a Minister of the Word in the Evangelical Church of West Timor, an international partner church of the Uniting Church in Australia.

In 2005, a service of recognition was held to recognise Thresi as an ordained minister of the Uniting Church. She was also the first female chairperson of the Indonesian National Conference of the Uniting Church.

Currently, Thresi is a consultant advisor for the Asian Manager for UnitingWorld, and a member of the National Reference Committee for Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Ministry. She has strong relationships with both the Northern Regional Council of Congress and the Pilgrim Presbytery of the Northern Synod.

Thresi is a strong woman of prayer, faith and compassion, and recognises that her call to leadership is a call from God. Thresi lives in Darwin with her husband, Ben, and is the proud mother of Liusem, who is studying at Flinders University in Adelaide.


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