Liz Boase


Dr Liz Boase is the Head of the Department of Theology and Flinders University and Lecturer in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at the Uniting College for Leadership and Theology. The focus of most of Liz’s academic career has been on the book of Lamentations and other expressions of lament in the OT scriptures. Her particular interests at this time lie in the areas of trauma and the bible, and also ecological readings of the bible.

Liz sees an important connection between the ancient biblical stories and the problems experienced in the world today. Faced by issues of violence and warfare, exile and forced migration, tending to the ways that we bring our collective and individual pain and trauma before God is of vital importance. Knowing and understanding who we are before God, and finding God in the midst of suffering is the place where healing and renewed community begins.

Liz is excited about exploring the theme of hope during the UnitingWomen 2016 conference, working together with her colleague Rev Dr Vicky Balabanski to explore hope in the Old and New Testaments.
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