Colleen Geyer

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Colleen is the General Secretary of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church, and has been in this role since January 2016. Colleen loves being a member of the Uniting Church, her ‘faith home’, and all the possibilities that being part of this movement of God brings. She is passionate in her commitment to work collaboratively and in partnership, building values-based strong teams for effective and innovative organisational operation.

In her previous role as Director of Mission for UnitingCare Queensland, Colleen had responsibility for a missional and values-based culture across the group, particularly in the areas of leadership development, innovation and environmental sustainability. Colleen has worked in leadership positions across the community services work of the Uniting Church for over ten years, and with the Uniting Church, at both state and national levels.

Colleen is always looking for new ideas, new ways of thinking and what might not even be considered conceivable. A couple of statements she tries to live by include:

• Today is all you have
• Be mindful of each moment
• Be as true to yourself as you can be, or as you are brave enough to be
• Never be afraid to take a risk
• Never be afraid to shine and to acknowledge how amazing you are
• Beauty is essential to life
• In all the busyness and craziness, make or take moments or longer, to breathe....


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